State Club League

State Club League 2023 Poster.png

The upcoming WA State Club League 2023 will be kicking off on 6th August 2023. This is a new league competition orgainsed by Badminton WA to promote more playing opportunities/competitions for affiliated clubs. The current league competition is only meant for only B Grade and below. Rules and Regulations of the competition is available for viewing.

Invitations to Affiliated Clubs have been sent out to clubs and if your club has not receive the invitation, feel free to nominate your club through the link provided below.Nominate your Club

If you are an Individual and would like to express your interest in joining the competition, feel free to do so with the link provided below. *Disclaimer note: Badminton WA cannot guarante that you will be allocated into a team but someone from the organizing team will follow up with you.  Express of Interest - Individuals