Volunteers are crucial to our sport as it helps us grow and allows more people to participate.

We are always looking for new people to come forth and dedicate their time to help our sport in any way they can. With the many tournaments we run every year, this allows volunteers to gain knowledge and skills about our sports and to learn all about how badminton is structured. Any of your time would be greatly appreciated as we would be more than grateful for any assistance we can get. As a volunteer, you work together in a motivating team who are more than willing to give their time towards learning everything behind the scenes of how badminton works.

Below is the positions we are on the lookout for:

  • First Aid Officer
  • Announcer
  • Line Judge
  • Umpire
  • Match Control Officer
  • Umpire Coordinator
  • Shuttle Controller
  • Floor Manager
  • Assistant Floor Manager
  • Venue Set up / Take Down Team
  • Assistants

Please email bawa@badmintonwa.org.au with your interest