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Player grading

The aim of the Grading Rules is for players to be playing in their correct grade – against players of a similar level – which makes matches far more enjoyable. One-sided matches offer no challenge and can be disheartening.

The Grading system provides an opportunity for players to demonstrate their improved playing ability by moving up the Grading Levels.

It is recognised that sometimes players need to compete in several tournaments before their ‘correct’ grade is determined.

Explanation of Grades:

  • A Grade (open events) = International player, National player, State player, top club player
  • A Reserve Grade = Good club player
  • B Grade = Sound competitive player
  • C Grade = Social, but competitive player
  • D Grade (Recreational) = Adult social player (entry level)

Player grades are archived after 3 years. When a player's grade is reviewed, the results from the last 24 months are considered.

First Time Entrants - Grade will be assigned to their first entry.
WA State players - U15, 17, 19 must play a certain grade.
Upgraded - when won twice. or twice runner-up of a higher grade.

All grading enquiries should be made in writing to the attention of the Grading Committee to or by regular mail to Badminton WA, PO Box 39, Kingsway 6065.

Requests for downgrade in regards to an upcoming tournament should be received by the Grading Committee before the entries closing date for the tournament.