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Under 15 State Team

Western Australian U15 State Team competes in the Val Nesbitt Trophy (Team Event), followed by the Australian U15 Championships (Individual Event).


  • The 2018 will take place in Wharoonga, New South Wales.
  • Event dates: 28 September - 4 October 2018.
  • A team of 3 boys and 3 girls is usually selected to represent WA. The number of players selected in the team is solely at the discretion of the Badminton WA Board of Management and is sometimes determined by player ability or team composition.
  • The team will be accompanied supported by a Coach, Manager and Umpire appointed by Badminton WA.
  • Trial times and Venue: Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July 2018 1pm-4pm, Kingsway Indoor Stadium, 130 Kingsway, Madeley WA 6065.
  • Team training will commence in at the end of July 2018. The details will be advised after the team selection is confirmed.
  • All the players nominating for this team will be required to play in the WA State Junior Championship (5 – 8 July 2018).
  • The estimated budget for a player is approximately $2,000 based on the preliminary estimates as below
    • Airfare $700
    • Accommodation $650
    • Transport $100
    • Food $250
    • Individual entry fees $80
    • Carnival package (functions, event shirts, photos etc) $130
    • State team uniforms $90
    • Other expenses / incidentals

Online Nominations Open Now! Nomination fee of $150 is required and will be charged at the time of nomination.

Player nominations are accepted until 7th July 2018.

Click here to nominate as a Player


Team Manager, Coach and Umpire each receive a honorarium of $600 for accompanying the team. Their travel and accommodation costs are subsidised by Badminton WA, and in case of any shortfall paid by the Team Players. The Team Coach is paid an additional coaching fee of $1,000, covering a minimum of 10 training sessions with the selected team. Additional information about the roles of team officials can be found here.

Team Manager and Coach nominations are accepted until 7th July 2018.

Team Umpire nomination is organised through the Badminton WA Court Officials Committee.

Click here to nominate as a Team Manager or Coach


2017 (Perth, WA)

WA Wasps:

Jonny Kok
Theodore Kang
Julian Lee
Bernice Teoh
Joanne Zheng
Vevina Yang
Team result: 2nd place

WA Scorpions:

Damien Wan
Dawson Lawrence
Timothy Sentosa
Radhika Swain
Shakthi Angusamy
Cindy Lawrence
Team result: 7th place

2016 (Darwin, NT)

Theodore Kang
Jonny Kok
Jackie Zheng
Bernice Teoh
Alicia Zu
Anjali Bhujun

Team result: 5th place

2015 (Adelaide, SA)

Romy Puhalovich
Milain Ranasinghe
Ryan Tan
Janice Tan
Jasmine Tan
Daphne Wan

Team result: 4th place

2014 (Launceston, TAS)

Milain Ranasinghe
Kai Chen Teoh
Sunyee Zheng
Louise Bradford
Bella Liu
Gerimay Nicolas

Team result: 4th place

2013 (Sydney, NSW)

Yin Xiang Lin
Kai Chen Teoh
Jasper Tan
Louise Bradford
Gerimay Nicolas
Daphne Wan

Team result: 3rd place

2011 (Perth, WA)

Yin Xiang Lin
Tyzton Tan
Amos Yi
Dennis Zhao
Silvi Botha
Olivia Fianita
Eunice Lee
Phing Teo

Team result: 3rd place

2010 (Shepparton, VIC)

Edward Fan
Jazton Tan
Titus Tan
Tyzton Tan
Edmund Xu
Silvi Botha
Olivia Fianita
Alexandra Phan
Phing Teo

Team result: 4th place