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Badminton WA membership is essential for a State Team Nomination. If you're not a member, please complete your individual membership registration before proceeding with the nomination. Team nomination fee payment via debit / credit card will be required at the time of submitting this form.

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State Team Terms & Conditions

Any Player nominating for a State Team agrees that, if selected, he / she will be bound by the following conditions:

  • The Player will represent Western Australia in a manner, both on and off the court, that will bring credit to the Badminton Association of Western Australian Inc. and the sport of badminton in general.
  • The Player will comply fully with all rules, regulations and decisions pertaining to team/player behaviour and team/player selection as set by the Board of Management, State Team Coach and Manager prior to, and during the National Carnival, including the time of travel and other team activities organised or supervised by the State Team Coach and Manager.
  • The Player will attend all team training sessions as directed by the Coach and any other specific individual training sessions required by the Coach.
  • The Player will participate in all competitions as specified by the Coach.
  • The Player will participate in any fund-raising activities organised by the Manager.
  • The Player (or the Player’s Parents / Guardians if applicable) will pay all costs associated with this tour, as and when directed, by and to the Manager. This is to include airfares, transport, accommodation and uniforms.
  • The Player is available to participate under the direction of the State Coach and Manager in both the TEAM and INDIVIDUAL sections of the National Carnival.
  • The Player will play as requested by the Coach in any of the disciplines in both the Team and Individual Championships.
  • The Player understands that there is no obligation by the Coach to play all players in the TEAM event of the National Carnival.
  • The Player understands that all players will be entered in the INDIVIDUAL championships.
  • The Player will conform to the Australian Badminton Association’s Drugs in Sport policy.
  • The Player will conform to the Badminton WA Social Media policy.
  • The Player will ensure that all monies owing to Badminton WA are paid prior to the departure to the National Carnival.
  • The Player will stay with the team, at his / her own expense (if necessary), at the designated accommodation venue for the whole period of the National Carnival.
  • The Player will practice with the team, travel to and from the accommodation venue together, and eat together, as stipulated by the Coach and Manager, during both the TEAM and INDIVIDUAL championships.
  • The Player will wear the designated Badminton WA uniform during all TEAM matches and whenever representing the State or team or whenever requested by the Team Manager. This uniform will be purchased at the Player’s own cost if sponsorship is not available.
  • The Player agrees that he/she may be photographed during training, presentations or in team situations and these photos may be placed on a Badminton WA website, social media, or in other publicity materials for Badminton WA.
  • The Player understands that failure to meet any of the above conditions may result in being removed from the team prior to or during the National Carnival. In the event on the Player removal from the team he/she may be required to face disciplinary action by the Badminton WA.