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State Team Player Nomination

Please note that submission of this form does not mean that your nomination has been accepted.

State team nomination fee ($170) is comprised of $120 state team player management fee which, $50 nomination / administration charge.

  • $120 state team player management fee is only to be refunded if the player is not selected into the team or if there is no team.
  • $50 nomination / administration charge is only to be refunded if there is no team selected.

2020 Senior State Team Nominations now open (closing date 3 November 2019; more information here).

2020 Under 17 State Team Nominations now open (closing date 3 November 2019; more information here).

Please check this page later for the 2020 Under 19 and Under 15 team nominations.

High Performance Squad nominations - please check here.

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Preamble: This agreement becomes binding between the Player as indicated below, and The Badminton Association of Western Australia Inc. (Badminton WA), if the Player has been advised by Badminton WA in writing that he/she has been selected into the State Team for the Event as indicated below.

I, the Player (or Player’s Parent / Guardian if the player is under 18 years old) accepts the offer to represent Western Australia at the Event.

I have read and fully understand the terms and conditions set out below.

1. I will represent Western Australia in a manner, both on and off the court, which will bring credit to Badminton WA and the sport of badminton in general.

2. I will comply fully with all rules, regulations and decisions pertaining to team/player behaviour and team/player selection as set by Badminton WA, State Coach and Manager prior to, and during the Event.

3. I will conform to the Badminton Australia’s Anti-Doping Policy.

4. I will attend all scheduled team training sessions and competitions.

a. Any exemptions to attending training or competitions due to circumstances that may reasonably be known in advance will need to be requested in writing to Badminton WA as early as practicable, and cannot be deemed granted unless via a written official response from Badminton WA, which shall not be unduly delayed.

b. Any unforeseen circumstances affecting my ability to attend training or competitions must be communicated to the Team Coach and Manager in writing as early as practicable.

c. I acknowledge that if the total number of training sessions and/or competitions missed due to circumstances described in 4a exceeds 60% of the total training sessions and/or competitions, I may be excluded from participating in the Event by a decision from Badminton WA.

5. I will make payments accordingly as follows to Badminton WA:

a. I will make the team player contribution payments to Badminton WA's bank account according to the payment schedule with their due dates showing on the payments schedule and on the tax invoice(s) issued to me. I will ensure that all monies owing to BADMINTON WA are paid prior to my departure to the Event.

b. I acknowledge that the team player contribution payments including the nomination fee represent 10% GST inclusive fees payable to Badminton WA for services of coaching, umpiring and management of my participation in the event.

6. I will play as requested by the Coach in any of the disciplines in the Team Championships. This includes team positions as well as doubles combinations which are to be determined by the Coach. I understand there is no obligation by the Coach to play all players in the TEAM event of the National Carnival.

7. I will stay with the team at the designated accommodation venue for the whole period of the Event, unless advised otherwise by Badminton WA.

8. I will practice with the team, travel to and from the accommodation venue together, and eat together, as stipulated by the Coach and Manager, during the event, unless advised otherwise by Badminton WA.

9. I will wear the designated BADMINTON WA uniform during all TEAM matches and whenever representing the State or team or whenever requested by the Team Manager. This uniform is to be purchased at my own cost if sponsorship is not available.

10. I agree that I may be photographed during training, presentations or in team situations and these photos may be placed on a Badminton WA website, blog, or in publicity material for Badminton WA.

I understand that failure to meet any of the above conditions may result in me being removed from the team prior to or during the National Carnival. In the event on my removal from the team, I may be required to face disciplinary action by the Badminton WA.