Badminton WA
Kingsway Indoor Stadium, 130 Kingsway, Madeley

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Postal: PO Box 39, Kingsway WA 6065
Phone: (08) 9409 4433 / 4466

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Club affiliation

Affiliation fees (inc. GST)

2017/18 affiliation fees
(up to 31st March 2018)
Metro club affiliation (within 50km from Perth GPO) $100
Country club affiliation (outside 50km of Perth GPO) $94
Association affiliation (3 or more clubs) $165

Club member registration fees (inc. GST)

2017/18 registration fees
(up to 31st March 2018)
Metro club junior player (under 18 y.o.)$25
Metro club adult player (19-64 y.o.)$35
Metro club senior player (65 y.o. or older)$28
Country club junior player (under 18 y.o)$20
Country club adult player (19-64 y.o.)$30
Country club senior player (65 y.o. or older) $22
Non-playing club member$13

Affiliation procedure:

We are currently working on the next set of improvements to the online membership renewals function. We have listened to the feedback from clubs and we are really keen to make the system easy to use, without the need for repeat entry of the data that is already there, and with good visibility over the membership register of your club.

While this system is still in the works, we are happy to accept membership renewal information from clubs in other formats.

Club affiliation / member registration form:

Our preferred format is an Excel file - please download the below, and then email back to us at This form is set up in a way that should be easy to use, and it helps you avoid some of the data entry mistakes as you go.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the form, we are happy to help, or alternatively will accept the information in a format that suits you: in paper form, in an email message, in a Word or Excel file.

When registering members of your club, please make sure you include the following information:

  • Membership category
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth (full date, not just year)
  • Gender
  • Home / mailing address
  • Mobile or home phone number
  • Email address

If you have any questions, please contact us at (08) 9409 4433 or