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Tournament FAQ


1. Tournament Software and Online Entry
2. Member ID
3. Tournament Schedule
4. Payments
5. Grades, Events and Age Groups
6. Miscellaneous

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Please note that these Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) mainly refer to Badminton WA state level tournaments. This doesn't include National Carnivals, club level events, or international tournaments. Some of the details in other events may differ - please enquire with the respective tournament organisers.

1. Tournament Software and Online Entry

1.1. I haven't used Tournament Software before - where do I start?

1.2. Step-by-step instruction for registering an account on Tournament Software

1.3. Step-by-step instructions for online tournament entry

1.4. I have used Tournament Software before but I have forgotten my username and / or password. How do I go about recovering them?

1.5. How do I know if my entry has gone through correctly?

1.6. I want to play doubles but I don't have a partner. Can I still enter?

1.7. I have entered the tournament and received an entry and payment confirmation emails, but I still don't see my name in the "Players" section. Is there a problem with my entry?

1.8. The system asks me about the "Club" but I don't belong to any club - what should I do?

1.9. In doubles do both players need to register, or is it enough for just one to enter the tournament?

2. Member ID

2.1. What is a Member ID and why do I need one?

2.2. I am a member of Badminton WA. Does it mean I have a Member ID?

2.3. I don't have a Member ID, or I don't know it. What should I do?

2.4. OK, I have now received my Member ID - what happens next?

3. Tournament Schedule

3.1. How do I know the schedule of my matches?

3.2. I am not available to play some early / late matches during the tournament weekend due to my other commitments. Can I request the schedule to be changed to suit me?

3.3. What if I miss my match or cannot complete it?

3.4. Do I have to show up for all my matches, even if I lost in the early rounds and am no longer in the running for the finals?

3.5. What if I'm running late for my match?

4. Payments

4.1. Do I need a PayPal account to pay the tournament fees?

4.2. I have entered the tournament with "Partner required" and paid the entry fee. What happens with the fee if the tournament organisers can't find me a partner?

4.3. Will I receive a refund if I have to withdraw from the tournament?

4.4. What is the Event Membership Fee and do I need to pay it?

4.5. I have entered the tournament and paid the "early bird" entry fee. Now why does the system ask me to pay extra when I'm trying to amend my entry?

4.6. I have started the tournament entry but haven't completed the entry fee payment. What happens now?

5. Grades, events AND AGE GROUPS

5.1. What are grades and how do I know which grade I am?

5.2. What events can I enter?

5.3. What is the rule for age-based events (e.g. U13, U15 etc)?

6. Miscellaneous

6.1. What clothing can I wear when competing in a tournament?