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2019 LiveLighter Pennants League

Badminton WA is bringing back the Pennants League - now supported by our Naming Rights Partner Healthway promoting the LiveLighter message!

We are starting with a short "pilot" 4-week season in June-July 2019, and future League plans will be adjusted based on the interest and player feedback. Going forward the season is likely to be 8 weeks. Some of the details are already confirmed, while others will depend on what you - the players - tell us about your preferences.

What is already confirmed

  • You express your interest to be in the League; the organisers then place you in a team to achieve a balanced strength across the teams (if there is sufficient interest, we will create divisions as to graded strength)
  • Teams of 5-6 players; likely 3 men + 2 women or 4 men + 2 women but will depend on interest received
  • All players must be current members of Badminton WA
  • You may also register to be a reserve player to fill a vacancy if one of the team players cannot make it (does not require a nomination fee; sort it with the player you fill in for)
  • Player fee $50 for the 4-week season, payable at the start
  • Expressions of interest (with indications of preferences) are accepted until 18 May 2019

What will be decided before the start of the season

  • Most likely a team tie will consist of doubles matches only, but we will also gauge the "appetite" for singles
  • The pilot will be run in Perth's North of the River, but we hope to then extend the League to Southern suburbs later
  • Male and female players are welcome and we will make every effort to accommodate everyone and especially female players, however we cannot guarantee that the "gender mix" will be the same for all teams, meaning that a mixed doubles pair might sometimes have to play against men's doubles
  • We are looking at offering prize money (no trophies) for the winning team, to be at the very least commensurate with the players fees
  • Our current plan is to play on Saturday mornings (15 June, 22 June, 29 June, 27 July) from 10am to 12:30pm at the Kingsway Indoor Stadium, however if you prefer to play on a weeknight (most likely Thursday) - please let us know and we may adjust the plan accordingly

Expressions of interest are accepted until 10 June 2019.

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