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Government / Other Updates

As you probably know, the WA government has lifted the two-person rule and people are now able to gather in groups of up to twenty people as long as there is 1.5m social distancing, following health guidelines and controlled sharing of equipment.

To our players who are looking to start training and also to the rest of the badminton community, we recommend downloading the COVIDSafe tracking app ( This will not only help protect you, but also our wider community as the restrictions start to lift.

Here are some ideas to help:
* Set Up - ensure people that set up court (poles and nets etc) do so wearing gloves;
* Sanitise - have sanitiser readily available and sanitise hands onto and off the court;
* Shuttles - use 2 different shuttles. Colour code them or have different types of shuttles. Server only to pick up and serve their allocated shuttle;
* Singles - play singles only;
* Court marking - if unable to play singles tape the court in half and play only left/right or front/back;
* Spectators - minimise spectators sitting and watching;
* Doors - minimise door contact by locking open doors where possible to minimise transference;
* Sharing - no sharing of equipment (racquets, stringing etc)
* Contact - no hand shaking develop your own method of acknowledgement (ie tap racquets)
* Numbers - have a booking system to ensure no more than 20 people at venue
* Numbers - have a volunteer counting people to ensure no more than 20 people in venue
* Socialising - until we are safer please do not congregate in large numbers and within the 4sqm personal space area after games to socialise.

WA State Government Updates