Badminton WA
Kingsway Indoor Stadium, 130 Kingsway, Madeley

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Postal: PO Box 39, Kingsway WA 6065
Phone: (08) 9409 4433

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If you would like to contact a coach, please get in touch with us at, and we will make a recommendation if required and send you the contact details.

Badminton WA nationally accredited coaches (as of June 2017):

Name Surname Level
Julian Anthony 1A
Norm Anthony 1A
Nigel Bonner 1
Ian Bridge 1A
Lily Buttrose 1
David Chadderton 1
Andrew Chin Onn Chai 1
Michael Chan 1
Marcus Chan 1
Edwin Chew 1A
Alison Courtie 1A
Mark Cunningham 1
Anita Diep 1
Crystal Diep 1
Jennifer Dixon 1
Daniel Fan 1A
Paul Garvey 1
Vaughan Greenberger 1
Kush Gudka 1
Nicholas Kidd 1A
Shantanu Kumar 1
Sophie Leonard 1
Zengyuan (Ryan) Lin 1A
Andrew Lo 1
Eric Low 1A
Punita Mandalia 1
Paul Menlove 1
Ashley Morgan 1
Jun Quan Neo 1
Nicholas Nguyen 1
Jared Norman 1
Ernesto Ramirez 1
Vienna Randa 1
Kim Rodgers 1A
Gemma Rouse 1
Cheng Keong Saw 1
Cheng Keong Saw 1
Thomas Segitz 1
Nadanasigamany Senthuran 1
Titus Tan 1
Jazton Tan 1
Tyzton Tan 1
Ryan Tan 1
Wei Cai (Mike) Tan 1
Yuanqi Tay 1A
Phing Teo 1
Kai Jie Teoh 1
Kay Terry 1A
Yip Ming Too 1
Audrey Tuckey 1A
Angie Yang 1
Yuli Zheng 1A

Badminton WA Coach Accreditation policy

A newly adopted policy that mirrors the Badminton Australia Scheme for all coaches.
Download and apply to become a Badminton WA coach and receive support, insurance and coaching opportunities.

Badminton WA coach accreditation policy document


Contact us to register your interest in becoming a Badminton coach. E-mail